How to Eat Delicious Food and Treats All Day… And Still, Establish Super Health AND Get the Body of Your Dreams!
"Food isn't just calories. It's information that talks to your DNA and tells it what to do."  - Dr. Mark Hyman

Dear Friend,

Over the next few minutes, I’ll share how to finally have all your favorite comfort foods and treats and how eating them will make you younger, more beautiful, more healthy, and even more smart…

All while looking like someone who’s younger than being concerned with this stuff.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but let me explain:

With the launch of Rawvolutionist, my brand-new recipe book that’s taking the country by storm…

It’s never been easier.

As proof, I’d like to rush a copy to your doorstep absolutely FREE.

Inside, you’ll find over 90 of your favorite comfort food recipes in a gourmet raw vegan version so scrumptious, they blow the originals out the water. Goodies

such as Pizza… Thai Food… Lasagna... Chocolate, Cupcakes… and Ice-Creams…

(And they promote super health and burn fat with each bite.)

The secret?

Each recipe leverages the power of raw food.

And If You Think You've Heard so Much About And That Raw Food Is Complicated And Vegan Food Is Boring... Think Again!
Because sure, raw food and superfoods are making waves everywhere.

It’s recently been featured on popular shows like BBC goodfood and FOOD MATTERS TV, recommended by leading doctors and nutritionists, it’s even used by celebrities like Woody Harrelson who has been living the raw vegan life for 30 years or Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr.
For good reason:

It works by supplying your body with an army of enzymes and removing toxins.

In addition to stabilizing your blood sugar which means your cravings will instantly stop and your energy levels will sky-rocket.

Enzymes are the work-horse of the body. They're what keeps us young, beautiful and healthy. If you're a child of the 80s you might remember Pac-Man. The little creature eating up his enemies. That's kinda-like how enzymes work in the body.

Raw food is abundantly rich in enzymes which are killed by heating food above 42ºC or 107ºF. Recent studies have shown that vitamins should actually be named co-enzymes, they actually help enzymes do their job better!
Raw food is so nourishing you’ll glow and feel amazing. Better yet: any excess weight practically falls off effortlessly.

It has no other choice!

However, it’s not all fun and tasty…
Because before today, going raw meant giving up all your favorite comfort foods, using complicated and extremely time-consuming recipes with an arsenal of fancy ingredients…

Rawvolutionist is changing all of that…

Let's indulge in super delicious, raw vegan versions of everything we’re told to “give up”.


Burger… Custard… Cheesecake… Bread… all while healing every cell and still slimming your waistline.

Wait until you see the vibrant food below.

But before we get there, allow me to introduce myself:
Hi, my name is Aurora Ray.

I’m a Holistic Coach, Health-Expert, Author, Founder of The Rawvolutionist Academy, and Master-Chef. And I’ve spent the past 10 years passionate and obsessed with one single goal…
How To Create The Most Delectable Raw Vegan Versions Of Everyone's Favorite Comfort Foods In Under 10 Minutes Without Complicated Recipes And Fancy Ingredients And Avoid Leaving A Mess in The Kitchen Behind!

Read This Again!

Today, I’m proud to say I’ve finally cracked the “raw food-code”. I’ve compiled over 90 delicious and effortless recipes that are downright to-die-for…

And I’d like to send them to you for FREE.

So you can heal your body and establish super-health, melt fat while eating, overflow with energy, sleep like a baby, even become happier and finally achieve the tight figure you’ve always dreamt of…

WITHOUT feeling restricted.

WITHOUT giving up your favorite comfort foods.

And WITHOUT suffering or starving with bland diet food every day.

What’s more: these recipes will work wonders for you even if you’ve tried a gazillion other diets…

Regardless if you’re not a great chef and you don't have time or patience making food…

And no matter if you’ve had some success just to experience the yo-yo effect afterwards.
Before I Reveal These Mouth-Watering Recipes, Allow Me To Share My Own Personal Story With You So You Can See How And WHY I Created These For You
I was raised by my Persian parents in Germany and around the age of 14 I started cooking. My greatest passion was baking and I never used a single recipe. There was no internet back then in the 90s which forced me to be creative. I'd simply make up recipes in my mind which turned out amazing. 

My mother abandoned us when I was 14. This created an emotional wound which I tried to numb through binge eating. I was an emotional eater and totally sugar addicted.

I was overweight, always tired, without focus or discipline and on top of it all I had very low self-worth. Later I also developed horrible acne...

For years I was searching for a diet which would help me break free out of the misery I was in. I took countless cooking and nutrition courses and finally I had turned into a great chef.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, an outstanding physician and New York Times best-selleing author, founder and medicinal director of the UltraWellness Center and columnist for the Huffington Post, “Sugar is 8-times more addictive that cocaine.“ Both substances do the same thing, they hijack your brain and literally command it what to do.

I was getting older and really wanted to overcome my sugar addiction so I didn't have to fight with my never ending appetite, cravings, constant fatigue and overweight problems anymore.

I wanted to be able to stop eating things that were making me sick and took all my energy. I had to break free of this cycle of addictive behaviour.

But there was a problem:
I didn't have the right knowledge. I didn't have anyone who would take me by the hand to show me step-by-step what to do or what to eat.

That meant I wasn't able to stop eating the things that made me feel miserable and I didn't see any way out.

And it was getting worse, I felt terrible.

It started when I hosted my own cooking show on TV. And now you're probably asking, "What's so bad about that?"

Well, let me paint the picture...

It was in Tehran, 45ºC outside in the shadows. It was so hot that breathing was painful, it was burning like fire inside my nose.

Inside the cooking film-studio we had to turn off the AC because of it's noise and I had to wear full hijab. A long-sleeve roller-neck under a long-sleeve jacket and a tight headband covering my entire hair. This headband was covered by another headscarf which was tucked to it.

With all these clothes in this heat I was standing in front of a gas stove with two to three fires burning constantly and there was film-studio lightning directed at me that was creating massive additional heat. 

I was using heavy iron cookware for the Persian food that must cook for hours until it's finally devoid of all vital nutrients.

Sweat was running down my spine in abundance but it didn't show on my face which was hidden somewhere underneath a ton of film makeup. Only washing this off after each show took me an hour. Seriously, I'd scrub and scrub, this stuff wasn't coming down!

This job was the hardest I ever had in my entire life and I had to smile through the whole thing!

Although I was a famous TV-Chef hosting  a very popular cooking show with millions of viewers worldwide each week, I wasn't happy.

I couldn't see any serious sense in what I was doing.

Although I had many fans who were really grateful that I was teaching them how to create this culinary art in an effortless way, I couldn't feel any fulfilment in showing people how to make dead food devoid of all vital nutrients crucial for longevity, health and beauty.

I finally hit a wall.

The problem was that although this TV show was so popular and had millions of viewers, this food and lifestyle was using up my last bits of physical energy. 

This meant that my body, my emotions and my spirit were too exhausted to keep up with a stressful TV show.

But that was my profession, my job and my only source of income...
Then As If By Chance Something Amazing Happened I started to eat only raw vegan food...
That's when I ran into a spiritual coach who told me a SECRET all about healing physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Suddenly everything was crystal clear to me.

I realized how to effortlessly and naturally burn fat and heal any problem I had carried around for decades on a quantum level (physical, emotional and mental).

I could see that I had finally found the solution for all my health issues.

What stunned me was that starving and suffering was absolutley not necessary to achieve any goal in regards to getting my dream body or healing. 

You just have to abundantly eat raw food instead!

But I was worried and even scared because I love my food and celebrate eating and I didn't know any raw food recipes, except a few salads and I hate nothing more than eating bland and boring food.

So, I started searching for raw food recipes, tools and information. And so I began eating only raw vegan food.

Suddenly I was losing weight rapidly and got more thin that I had been in my entire life.

By this time I realized that the secret to finding a lifestyle that would finally work for me was to eat raw vegan food, at least for a certain period of time.

This is what happened...
1997. I was 19 years old.
2019. Raw Foodist. 41 years old.
As you can see, raw food works like magic.

Within only 30 days of eating raw food my never ending appetite and cravings stopped and my energy levels got a super boost.

My blood sugar was stabilized and for the first time I didn't want to eat sugary things anymore. I even stopped snacking between meals!
But After One Year Of Eating Only Salads I Was Very Close To Giving Up...
So I Made A Plan...
I started looking for chef schools that would teach me how to make amazing gourmet raw food for people who love their food and celebrate eating.

I started packing. There wasn't a single appropriate school in the entire continent I was on.

I moved to Los Angeles and signed up for every single raw food and nutrition course I could find, both live and online.

But I quickly saw that the tools and techniques were only partially amazing and mostly very complicated and unnecessarily time consuming.

The worst part were the recipes.

They were just not tasty and even bland and used an arsenal of fancy ingredients that were hard to find.

Being a master chef with my background I knew that a diet like that wasn't sustainable for the average person and day-to-day life.

See, the reason that got me the job on TV wasn't that I was a great chef. Yes, I was a great chef but I was outstandingly good at taking difficult recipes and preparation procedures and simplifying them, making them accessible to everyone who runs a modern household and doesn't have much time or energy to spend in the kitchen.

Here I was, a total newbie to the raw food world. Confronted with the most difficult food prep procedure I had ever encountered in addition to fancy ingredients that were hard to find and I had never even heard about them before!
So I Said “Enough Was Enough”
And Took Matters Into
My Own Hands…
People always ask me what the biggest conflict was I had to face on my raw food journey. The greatest conflict I had to face during this adventure to health and happiness was that I had to spend a decade of time to polish the techniques and recipes. Making the food prep easier, faster, and much much more delicious.

I didn't stop till the recipes were so good that even people who despite 'healthy food' adore these dishes.
But Seriously, Who Has So Much Time And Energy To Dedicate An Entire Decade To Food Preparation?
The result?

I ended up being so frustrated that I decided to create this book and an online academy for anyone who wants to take their health goals to the next level and effortlessly transform into the highest version of themselves.

I decided to name the book 'Rawvolutionist' and the online academy 'The Rawvolutionist Academy".

They say information is power, but having the right info and not having the right tools is a fool's errand.

Through this book or the academy I created a shortcut for everyone around the world to save both time and money. Now you can learn within a few days to weeks what took me as a master chef an entire decade and thousands of dollars.

I made this treasure-book 'Rawvolutionist' with over 90 scrumptious recipes that are so easy children can make them, so you can enjoy the healthiest version of all your favorite comfort foods, guilt-free and without missing out on flavor!

And I like to celebrate this achievement with you.

So, I'll ship you a copy for FREE!

Because Let Me Tell You:
Everybody Loves Delicious Food And What A Benefit If It's Healthy, Too…But That’s The Pleasure Of It All!
Listen: no one wants to force down food that tastes raw and vegan, bland and boring…

That’s why inside Rawvolutionist, you can rest assured every recipe is an explosion of flavour.

The breakfasts are vibrant and scrumptious...

The dips are fun and delicious...

The snacks are perfect craving satisfiers...

The main courses are delectable, savory, and taste better than the cooked originals...

The cakes are creamy and decadent...

The ice-creams are gooey, rich and oohhh...

The brownies are to die for...

The chocolate is the best in the world... (very addictive, you won't like any other chocolate after eating this)

The drinks are refreshing or warming, flavourful and super yummy...

And the cherry on top is that everything is 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and soy-free.

You can make everything in under 10 minutes and get every ingredient at your local grocery store.

But enough said, do you want to see the dishes?
First, You’ll Discover Fantastic, Rich And Vibrant Breakfast Recipes Like…
And there's much much more!

What’s really cool is most of these can be made within three minutes… and without any expensive equipment.

Most probably you have the ingredients inside your pantry and refrigerator right now.

Enjoy an effortless, vibrant and amazing breakfast that will super boost your energy, keep you full longer, improve your digestion and be happy all day!

Let’s keep going:
Want To Snack Like A Pro?
Crunchy, Salty, Savoury, Sweet, Creamy... I've Got You Covered!
There are so many yummy snacks and dips waiting for you, one for every occasion. Here are some of them:
And much much more...

Going to a party? Friends just called and are on their way to you? Office 'drinks-n-snacks' Friday?

Make any of these mouth-watering snacks in minutes and show off like a true rawvolutionist!

With basic ingredients and recipes so easy to follow life couldn't get any better.
What About Your Favorite Savory Comfort Foods... Want To Give These Scrumptious Main Courses A Go?

They’re Guaranteed To Make Any Belly Happy And Slim!
And there's much, much more!

Now tell me: Are you desiring to have one of these in front of you right now?

Even if you’re not a great chef and even don't know how to do anything in the kitchen.

These delectable meals are simple-to-make, mostly in under 10 minutes and taste better than you can imagine!

In fact they're so flavorful and enjoyable that you'll prefer them to the cooked versions anytime.

And a trim body, glowing skin and outstanding energy levels will be the side-effect from heartily eating this delightful gourmet raw food.
Or Maybe Your Waiting For Dessert... Which Is Why I’ve Thrown In The Most Scrumptious Treats To Satisfy Every Craving
Breakfast or dessert? The choice is yours. Lusciously healthy! 
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Nice-Cream!
How we keep our sanity during hot summer season on Ibiza!
Sweet Delightful Bites, Anyone?
Take these with you to the next party and be the star of any gathering!
One for the road, please.
What About Creamy, Decadent Cakes? Yes, Healthy And Guilt-Free. No Kidding!
May I present: The solution to my insatiable sweet cravings…
And much much more!

So the bottom line is this: there’s something for everyone!
Will you tell them it’s Raw Vegan?

It's up to you! ;)
And just to reiterate one more time…
You Don’t Have To Be A Great Chef To Make Any Of The Amazing Recipes In Rawvolutionist!
Look: Who likes complicated recipes and fancy ingredients?

And who wants to put food in their mouth just to say: "Oh yeah this is raw... and vegan..." This is the exact reaction we want to avoid.

This is why I created these recipes.

Most of these recipes can be made in under 10 minutes!

And some in 3 minutes!

Even if you aren't a great chef and don't even know how to make an omelet, you’ll still be able to effortlessly make the delicious recipes in Rawvolutionist.

In fact, I've seen 8-year-olds make these recipes and the results were fantastic. And if they can do it so can you.

I don't like fancy ingredients and in no way am I gathering them from all over town...

And I despite creating a mess in the kitchen from food prep.

And recipes with countless many ingredients are overwhelming my brain, my patience and my digestion!

People often tell they need warm food to stay warm. As a matter of fact your body will get warmer in time through eating raw food because it mustn't work so hard to digest the food.

But to make sure you stay warm and cosy I've added really nice, super tasty drinks and hot liquids for you.

All in all, you’re getting:
Over 90 Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes, Shipped Right To Your Door, For FREE!

So if you want these delicious recipes to keep your body healthy, beautiful and in better shape than you ever dreamed possible...

And if you want to do this without starving or suffering...

And if you're done with dieting...

If you don't want to deal with complicated and time-consuming recipes anymore...

And you want to devour delectable food every single day... then grab your copy this second.

The Rawvolutionist is brand new and we've decided to give the first 500 copies away for FREE, given out to the first 500 orders.

Don’t miss out.

Because right now, while my publisher will let me, I’m giving away this incredible gourmet raw food recipe book for FREE !!!

All I ask is you throw in a couple of bucks for shipping and handling and your beautiful book will be shipped out to you within just 48 hours.

I want you to succeed. To make your transition into the best version of yourself ever even more effortless…
I’ll Also Give You €71.89 Worth Of FREE DIGITAL GIFTS When You Pre-Order Rawvolutionist Today
Let’s get started:
2 Dairy-Free And Meat-Free Recipes Ebooks
(€36.99 Value)

If you're totally new to this you're probably thinking: "Raw food sounds great, but nobody can force me to go 100% raw all the time."

And that's truly not my intention. I want you to enjoy eating without any pressure at all.

Sometimes you crave a cooked meal that might not be vegan and that's fine, too.

To ensure you’re covered even on days like these I've added two ebooks with healthy cooked comfort food recipes for you.

One ebook excludes all dairy from the recipes and the other gives you plenty of meat-free options to choose from.

And it’s exactly what it sounds like: Simple recipes with ingredients you already have in your kitchen, meals everybody craves like burgers, quiche, casseroles, etc...

With both Rawvolutionist and this by your side, there’s nothing standing in between you and your success to health, healing, longevity and beauty!
If you thought that was stellar, that’s just the beginning:
Rawvolutionist Ingredients Shopping List (€14.95 Value)

As I said, the ingredients you need for Rawvolutionist couldn’t be easier to find.
That said, I know some of you want a guide you can print out, stick to your fridge, or just carry with you as you go shopping.

(You can even load it onto your phone for easy access, I’ll show you how!)

With this list you know exactly what to have laying around the kitchen to be able to prepare any of the recipes inside the book at any time!

Inside, you’ll get a PDF that includes EXACTLY where to get every ingredient, how much to pay for it, and how to get in and out of the store in minutes.

That’s right: you’re covered no matter what.

This gift is worth €14.95, and it’s yours for free with Rawvolutionist.

And in case you still had questions about what raw food is and how it works, we’ve also included:
The Raw Food Beginners Guide 
(€19.95 Value)

Because raw food is ultra popular right now, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what is actually raw food.

That’s why we’ve included a digital copy of our Raw Food Formula, the ultimate guide for beginners, which will tell you exactly:

• What the raw food diet is, and why it’s so effective…

• What happens to your body when you eat raw food…

• How to eat best to lose weight with the raw food diet...

• A-Z all FAQ about the raw food diet and it's benefits for humans and your canine friends answered...

And loads more!
So while you’re enjoying the tasty recipes in Rawvolutionist, getting the benefits of raw foods, you’ll also rest easy knowing you’re doing it the right way.

No more confusion. No more wondering if this is “okay” to eat. No more second guessing yourself at the dinner table.

We make it easier than ever.
This Quartet Of Bonuses Is Worth €71.89…
But When You Pre-Order Rawvolutionist Today…
They’re FREE.
A no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree?

And I’m even going to make sure that you're 100% Risk-Free when you pre-order a copy of Rawvolutionist today.

That’s because you’re backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee...
100% Money Back Guarantee
You have 30 days to preview this book.

If "Rawvolutionist" doesn't show you exactly how to make the most melt-in-your-mouth delicious gourmet raw food in under 10 minutes with an outstanding taste and a prep procedure that's more fun and easier than you ever dreamed possible... 

if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to show you how to make healthy and scrumptious raw food everybody loves... even if they're not into healthy eating at all!

Or if it fails to help you effortlessly make raw vegan recipes that don't tase raw or vegan which you'll love...

Or if you won't be super excited over your improved health, better skin, a slimmer belly and amazing new energy, then you'll receive a full refund. No Questions Asked!

So grab your copy today.

You deserve it.
Aurora Ray
Now, you may be wondering:
Why Am I Giving This
Away For Free?

Because I’ve been there.

I know what it feels like to try and fail.
For decades I tried to make a difference in my own health.

Today I've helped thousand of people worldwide to heal and change their lifestyle habits for longevity, beauty and ultimately establishing their dream body.

And just because I am a master chef people think I love cooking. No. I love food! Laziness is one of the reasons I literally jumped on the raw food diet... and never looked back since.

This lifestyle has given me so much and I sincerely hope you'll give Rawvolutionist a try to get similar results.

And to remove the last bits of resistance I am giving you a free copy of my masterpiece.

Are you ready to get started?

Here’s How To Claim Your FREE Copy Of Rawvolutionist
(all we ask is you pay shipping and handling)
Remember: we only have 500 copies in total to give away for this special offer and they'll be shipped out to you within 48 hours of your order...

So when you click the button below, Rawvolutionist, and over 90 scrumptious and effortless gourmet recipes in it are yours FREE…

All I ask is you pitch in a couple bucks for shipping and handling.

A one-time payment to get everything you see today and much more…

Meaning there’s no catch!

Believe me: these are some of the best recipes you’ll ever have… and once you bite into your first recipe, you’ll wonder how you went so long without them.

Because the second you confirm your address on the next page, you get on our 500 free-orders-list and we’ll rush ship a copy to your doorstep asap…

You risk nothing, so why not?

So click the button below now and claim your copy right now:
Let’s recap:

Today, you’re getting…
  • Rawvolutionist -- FREE just pay S&H
  • Bonus #1: Dairy-Free And Meat-Free Recipes Ebooks (€36.99 Value) -- FREE
  • Bonus #2: Rawvolutionist Shopping List & Guide (€14.95 Value) -- FREE
  • Bonus #3: The Ultimate Raw Food Beginners Guide (€19.95 Value) -- FREE
Put these 5 together, and there’s nothing standing between you and the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted…

And all the responsibility is on my shoulders.

Get your copy today while we still have some available.
At This Point You Have
Two Options…
You can do what I did and spend the next few years searching and testing out every raw food recipe you can find. Spend thousands of dollars on courses, books and ingredients trying (and failing a LOT) to make raw food meals and desserts that aren't super complicated AND actually taste good…

You can even jump over to Amazon right now and order this book for $32.99 plus shipping and taxes without all the extra free bonuses...

Or you can skip all of that craziness and save a ton of money and time just by covering the little shipping cost to get Rawvolutionist shipped straight to your door…

...although it’s really not a “cost” at all. It’s an investment in your health and your happiness… which I’m sure is worth a lot more to you than the tiny shipping cost for this book…

Don’t you agree?

Let’s do this -- together -- click the button below and claim your free copy of Rawvolutionist right now:
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Is Rawvolutionist really free?
Yes, Rawvolutionist is 100% free. All we ask is that you pay a small fee to cover the shipping and handling and we’ll take care of the rest.
Your book is also backed by our 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll refund you what you paid for shipping and handling. And you can still keep the book even if you get a refund.
Is there a digital copy of Rawvolutionist? 
Yes, there's digital copy of Rawvolutionist! Just send us an email to and we''ll send you a link where you can get it with a 10% discount coupon.
When will my book arrive?
Your book will ship out within 48 hours if you order it today. It usually takes between 3-14 business days to arrive depending where in the world you're located.
How hard are these recipes to make?
A majority of the recipes can be put together in 10 minutes or even less (not including inactive time, like dehydration) - there are only a few "fancier" recipes in here for those times you want to show off and these might take a few minutes longer, but all recipes are meant to be super easy to follow so you can whip up delicious meals and treats for yourself and your loved ones with minimal effort and time investment.
Are the recipes gluten free?
Yes, Rawvolutionist is 100% gluten-free.
Are the recipes sugar free?
Yes, Rawvolutionist is 100% sugar-free.
We use dates, maple syrup and agave syrup as healthy sugar substitutes.
Are all the recipes dairy and meat free?
Yes, Rawvolutionist is 100% dairy- and meat-free.
Can I find all the ingredients in a normal grocery store?
Yes, almost all of the ingredients in Rawvolutionist can be found in regular grocery stores.
They’re also all on Amazon, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.
What is the raw food diet and will it work for me?
The raw food diet isn't another diet. It's just food. Real food. You may call it the original human diet. That's why it works for everyone. It provides the body with enzymes that are crucial for longevity, proper digestion of foods, healing organs, cells, etc. and they're the ultimate anti-aging solution.

Most people who eat plenty of raw foods report effortless weight-loss and weight management, stable blood sugar, an elevated mood, better focus, mental clarity, more energy, good sleep and the spontaneous healing of health issues.
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